Monday, June 30, 2008

Why I'm not a Christian

I thought I'd stop here and go into detail regarding the reasons why I'm not a Christian (As if I need a reason :P), as this seems to be a question I'm getting asked fairly commonly. It's not really a case of the Christians trying to convert me, rather it seems that conversation seems to gravitate to relgious discussions considering my location.

Anyway, here we go.

Reason Number 1 - I'm the boss
This seems simple enough. I'm not a Christian because I trust my own judgement, and would prefer that I am the one that makes the decisions in my own life rather than some god or higher power. I feel I'm smart and able enough to be able to make moral choices in my own life without having to be told or forced by a higher power to take a certain course of action. I'm responsible for my own life, I make my own decisions according to my own rules and beliefs and I suffer the consequences of my own actions. I have all the risk, and I suffer all the consequences for my choices. I make the choices I do, which seem to be along Christian lines (In my actions I seek not to harm others) and I do so for my own reasons, and not because some God forces me to. There is also no passing of blame to some god or devil.

Reason Number 2 - I make myself guilty, I don't need any help with that
Christianity seems to have a focus on sin, how we are sinful creatures and I have been told that only a belief in God will allow you to live a sin free life. I do what I do for my own reasons, and don't enjoy hurting or harming people, whether it is physical, emotional, or psychological harm. Emotional blackmail doesn't work for or on me, and I find attempts to do so quite demeaning.

Reason Number 3 - Have the Christians even read their own bible objectivly?
I'm reading the bible at the moment. I started in Israel with a transliterated copy of the Jewish bible (The Old Testament) and after losing that am continuing with a new copy of a Christian bible which contains both the old and new testament. I find it hard to believe that the Christians can read the Old Testament in particular and still have the strong beliefs that they can. A lot of the stories are downright ridiculous, hypocritical, self-serving and doesn't prove the existance of God at all, only that Moses was a very good showman with Aaron as his front man.

Internet time is runnning out. That's a few of the reaons, and I'll continue this later I think.

To be continued...


Uriah said...

How's about:
Number 1: You're rational.
You don't believe in something from a fiction book, without some sort of tangible proof, and especially when their is proof to the contrary, and even more so when the book is riddled with inconsistencies:

However your number one is a main point. For all of the "good" Christians think the bible helps them do, it actually relieves you of your actions. You aren't a bad person "God works in mysterious ways".

Also, come on, who the hell can believe in an Invisible Sky Wizard? When you say it like it is (like that), doesn't it just sound really really stupid?

Toby Roberts said...

Ive got to agree here that all you need to be atheist is rationality. i cant think of anything else that comes close to this simple reason.

Sam said...

Nah, it doesn't sound really stupid, Uriah. It sounds freakin' HILARIOUS. I'm laughing my arse off here. Gonna remember that one hahaha.

'Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived an Invisible Sky Wizard...'

Maria said...

Don't think Andrew's reason to write this was to say that Christianity is rubbish, but what he wanted to say is why he's not a christian.

As a christian myself, working at the Shelter while Andrew was there, understand what he's saying here. But the idea that God would force you in anything is ofcourse not true ("and not because some God forces me to") that's the whole concept of christianity, making your own choice.
But I know Andrew that you totally understand this concept so that's cool. You don't have to agree with it.

Thanks for being hounest :)

peck said...

if religion (in general) was used purely as a tool of self motivation then no one would care either way, the same as i dont care if you are a vegetarian. but every single one of them takes it way out of preportion or tries to put their beliefs on a moral pedestal. there is a very good reason why 99.9% of absolutely non religious people, over all other religions, shudder when cristianity is mentioned.