Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Red Light District

Well, I went to see the red light district last night. I didn't really mean to go there, but seemed to end up there naturally, as if pulled by the gravity generated by the place. Now I must have seemed like quite the idiot, because as I was walking around this area I just couldn't stop giggling.

I'm not sure what to say. The place is just that hilarious. Sex and sexuality made so graphic, so over the top, so ridiculous, so..., so... I don't have the words. The absurdity of the whole place was just overwhelming.

Still a fun night all in all. Walking around, talking to the drug dealers, waving at the prostitutes and just taking in the atmosphere of the place. I was also a witness to a "business transaction" between one of the prostitutes and 3 American lads, where to save money they negotiated that they would purchase one 60 minute block of time and they would each take one 20 minute slice with the girl one after the other. Hilarious!

Now I don't know if I'm a magnet for drug dealers, or they approach pretty much anyone that looks like a tourist, but I was propositioned by over 6 dealers in my walk around the red light district. So, if you need cocaine, ecstasy or anything else not entirely legal while in Amsterdam, you know who to take alone. I also had a bit of talk with one of the drug dealers. A large, strong, black fella about the cocaine business, profitibility of his trade and the state of affairs on the street in regards to the legality of his wares. An interesting perspective on the matter all in all. Ended my conversation with the signature badass handshake followed by fist tap.

After my jaunt around the red light district I went to find a cup of coffee. I must have tried around 3-4 "Coffee Shops" before I found one that actually served coffee. A misleading name if I've ever seen one. I also briefly considered trying either weed, some weed based pastry or some magic mushrooms, but didn't want to risk deflating my current high (Weed seems to chill me out, which is something I usually prefer not to do). Sometimes I do wonder if I am missing out in my policy of drug avoidance, as a way to engage in a different state of mind, to get a different vantage point in life for a time. After seeing some of the people walking around on the street I've decided that I probably made the right decision, and from my experience drugs seem to be all hype and headfuck rolled into one.

I've slept for most of today, and that means I'm bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for tonight, which I'm going to try and give more of a club and pub focus. We'll see how that goes.

I'm actually staying in a hostel here at the moment. This is my last night here though, so I will probably have to leave, organize something else or sleep on the street (Something I'm not looking forward to with the number of crackheads wandering around).

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peck said...

drugs are like kids. you dont plan them, looking back you would not have it any other way, but by the same token would not wish it upon your worst enemy.
i absolutely dont regret anything.
but dont bother with drugs.