Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Jesus time!

Went to visit a friend I made in Katvijk, a small town on the coast of Holland, and somehow I was convinced to volunteer in a Christian Shelter in Amsterdam. Funny how things turn out.

I left Amsterdam on my second day. I didn't actually bother to see the nightlife on the Friday or Saturday night and just ended up leaving the place. Spent a nice Saturday and Sunday with a very, very Christian family in the very, very Christian Katvijk and headed back to Amsterdam to give the Christian thing a try.

Now I'm not relgious. I'd probably say I lean a bit into the atheist camp, and I'm definately in no way Christian. I have, however, found an opporunity here to spend some time in Amsterdam observing things from a Christian, and religous perspective. I will also be spending quite some time in the drug, and bike theft capital of the world.

Some information about the job though. It won't be reception work, but will rather be a cleaning position, with me working from 10am in the morning till 2pm in the afternoon, minus half an hour of bible study first thing. I've signed of for 2 weeks at this stage, and may extend this to a month (The maximum I can volunteer for) depending on how this goes.

Anyways, this effectively pins me in place for the time being, and means that I won't be moving around any time soon. That's a bit of a bummer, but free board, free food and free Jesus sort of makes the deal a bit sweeter.

So, I begin work on Sunday and will probably post an update once I've got something to write about. If you're also wondering about the lack of photos, it looks like I've lost my camera somewhere along the way (Took me this long to notice). Either that or it was stolen at some point. I wasn't really using it for the most part, so I'm not tearing up about it, but it is a bit of a shame. As I've been waiting for my work to begin (I applied on Monday, and my first shift starts Sunday) I've been spending my time relaxing and reading in a camping ground a short ride from Amsterdam. It was a bit of a hard decision to decide to stop for this length of time, as I've recently become somewhat bored with travelling and with the prospect of starting a business with a friend from highschool dangled in my face I've been wanting to get this over and done with. I've decided though that there isn't any point going through the motions if I'm not going to enjoy, and make the best use of my time, so I'm going to finish this trip properly before rushing off to a new project.

Anywho, until next time.


Uriah said...

Jesus time!?!?!? You better watch out, you'll soon be door knocking and signing over all of our assets!

At least it's free Jesus, I hate when you have to pay for Jesus.

Sam said...

Free food, free board and free Jesus.

Man I'm fucking dying here lol.

If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, just think 'WTFWJD?' It won't get you anywhere, since all he did (apparently) was turn water into funk, but it will give you a giggle.

Toby Roberts said...

I want your next post to be you getting kicked out for heresy.

Andrew said...

No getting kicked out for heresy so far though I start off bible study last night by asking if they speak in tongues here. Apparently they don't...

...But apparently it is a generally accepted practice, though not popular in most orthodox churches. They then proceeded to go into depth on speaking in tounges and I learned a lot on the subject.

Frankly, a lot of the Christians here do make a fairly good case for their relgion. Thankfully not good enough to actually convert me. The fact that all the Christians I deal with are happy, fulfilled people makes things a bit tempting though, but I can't really bring myself to believe what they teach, even if I wanted to.

I'm going to be here 2-4 weeks, so who knows what could happen.