Friday, June 20, 2008

Now in Amsterdam

I have now arrived in Amsterdam and am busy looking for a place to stay for the night. I have been warned beforehand of the packed out nature of the place, but still decided against making a booking beforehand (Goes against my grain for some reason). I've found a few places that look hopeful, and in the worst case, may have to cycle out of the city limits and find a camping ground or bridge to sleep under for the night.

Since you've heard from me last I've slept at a couple of people's places. One a couchsurfer in the city I just left named Timo, the other a student in a small university town named Wernigerode that I met randomly. With the latter we met while he was cycling to Uni, he invited me to his University Cafe for coffee, and I ended up spending the entire day there consuming books in the library. He extended an invitation around lunchtime for me to stay at his house for the night so I wasn't too concerned about finding a place to sleep.

Now in Amsterdam, apparently the drug capital of the world. It seems like pretty much any other city, and I'm hoping that the nightlife is a bit more out there than the city has been so far. I am fearing for my bicycle right now, seeing as I've left it right outside a tatoo parlor with all my bags strapped to it, and this is the capital for bike thefts in the world. On that note, I better run.



Uriah said...

Always, ALWAYS, look after your bindle!

Also, sounds like you're living quite comfortably... perhaps a little too comfortably!

Sam said...

In the next act, we see the cunning Dazaris sneak around the streets of Amsterdam, stealing biscuits from bins under cover of night. Will he be discovered? Will he be robbed? Will he be the star of a video that will turn up on a seedy Dutch website?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Andrew does Amsterdam!