Friday, May 30, 2008

Bike Tour Begun (Berlin -> The Netherlands)

Well, finally something worth writing about. I spent around a week in Berlin and somehow ended up deciding to head from there to The Netherlands (Probably Amsterdam) via bicycle. With that in mind I put together a little touring bike from a dodgy second hand bike I bought of this Chinese guy that rented them in Berlin as well as some other stuff bought from a second hand store in the city. Learnt a lot about bike maintenance fixing up the bike as in it's original condition the bike was pretty much unusable (I knew nothing about bikes at the time and didn't know in how much disrepair the bike was left).

Pictures of the final result are included below:
I'm pretty happy with the bike in the end, apart from it now driving like a tank. I've successfully made my first leg of the trip from Berlin to Potsdam camping in a wooded area behind a church along the way (God forgive me). I'm currently couch-surfing ( with a nice girl in Potsdam who has chosen to host me during my stay, and will probably do the same along the way to The Netherlands. I have around 650KM to cycle to The Netherlands, and assuming that I stop in each city along the way (Rather than cycling non-stop) it could be a month before I actually get to the border.

The Church where I stopped for the night:

The view from my tent:

Will probably give you another update after I've left Potsdam and arrived in my next location. Until then, seeya.