Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 4 - Going round in circles

My trouble contains with the missing signs, and I am now forced to pay attention to where I am going. Not happy at all. Ever second town I visit now seems to be missing at least some, if not all of their signs, however most of them are small enough that this isn't too much of a problem. A problem in any case, and time is wasted figuring out where to go each time I run into this. Even worse than the time wasted, is the constant stop starting and breaks from cycling make this less pleasant.

That said, I have come to accept the missing signs as a problem and have figured out how to work around this little issue. I'm on the lookout now for signposts with empty brackets and can usually figure out my next stop without too many issues.

Heading out of another small town I pass by a huge lake named the "Concordia See". This lake is on the map, and the R1 route takes you around this via a numbe of the nearby towns. Following the R1 sign pointing in the lake's direction I started following this around.

Now, I'll make a long story short. The route I took didn't take me through any towns. Rather it was a bike trail that took me all around the lake. Posted along the way were a number of R1 signs urging me to contain following this route. It wasn't too long until I became suspicious but completed the route anyway and found that this took me right back where I started in the first place. Examing the series of signs that had been set up, I found that they had been arranged to create a circuit. A sign to get people on the lake, and the rest to keep them travelling around. Needless to say, I was not amused.

This circuit however had me pass through an interesting area just before I ended back right where I started. I backtracked back to a German theme park that I had passed named "Abenteuerland". This park was themed after a series of German fairy tales and had a couple of buildings resembling houses which you can see in the main blog photo. Sizing up the two possible housing options I settled on the house on the right, as it seemed more homely, and seemed to give better protection from the wind, as well as protection from prying eyes. This settled I decided to take a round of the park to see what it offered.

The park contained all sorts of cool amusements. Wooden cars on springs, see-saws and all sorts of jungle-gyms. I made sure to give at least a few of these a try while it was still bright out. While making this circuit I saw something that completely blew the dinky little house I chose earlier out of the water, and it was this.

Why have a house when you can have a castle! I fell in love with this place straight away.

I parked my bike in the central ground floor area, which seems specifically designed just for this purpose, and started looking around the fort to decide on a room. I tested out each of the towers, but eventually settled on the room in the center due to the more homely feel and protection from the wind. Below is also a picture of the inside of my room.


With that I settled down for the night ready for what I hoped would be a more successful day tommorrow.

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