Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quick Summary

Here's a real quick Summary of what I've been up to so far:
- Tel Aviv around 3-4 nights. Wandered around for a bit.
- Travelled to Ein Boqeq and En Gedi with a couple of guys I met from the hostel. Camped at the beach around the Dead Sea at both locations (2-3 nights). Went rock climbing with this German guy around En Boqeq.
- Headed back Tel Aviv from En Gedi to pick up my bag, and went to Jerusalem that night.
- Sort of fell in with this really religious suicidal Jewish Israeli that I met at one of the security checkpoints. Saw a whole bunch of places with him, the highlight was travelling down to Sde Rot while it was being bombed by rockets fired from the Gaza strip (He was having some sort of religious crisis at the time and wanted to go there to be tested by God or something). Got to try out the duck and cover manoeuvre here which was pretty cool.
- Split up with him after a few days and went to Jerusalem. Took me a couple of days to get my bag back off this guy as I left this at his house (Stupid I know). As my passport was also in the bag I had to learn to avoid the security checkpoints that would require my passport. Spent around a week in Jersusalem relaxing and talking to people.
- Headed across to the West Bank with this Christian Dutch girl that wanted to see both Bethlehem and Hebron, but didn't want to travel there by herself. Checked out the relgious sites at both locations as well as one of the refugee camps in Bethlehem. I was a bit dissapointed by the refugee camp though, which was more of a slum than a camp.
- Met up with chance with this German guy that I went camping with in Jerusalem and joined him, his girlfriend and a couple of other German girls to go cycling and hiking in Tiberius in the north for around 3-4 days and then back to Tel Aviv to soak up the sun on the beach and go clubbing for a couple of days.
- Back in Jerusalem again (Have been here a couple of days) and am now considering popping across the border to Egypt once Shabat is over. Will see what happens from there onwards.


Toby said...

Wow thats a pretty intence trip your on there. it sounds exciting tho...

Anonymous said...

missles on the strip.... sounds like another night in the vario here... lol

keep your head down bro... here u can count on the tools not knowing how to use a handgun or disarming them as normal (never had anyone who pulled a 9 on me know what to do with it).... missles are a differant thing, keep your head down. - Davo