Monday, April 7, 2008


Finally! Some pictures!
I've found an internet cafe that allows me to use USB devices.

1. Recovered rockets fired from Gaza into Israel:

2. Jerusalem - A city constantly in progress:

3. Bethlehem in the West Bank:

4. No Guns sign on side of school located in Bethlehem Refugee Camp

5. Cool Rock Pattern in Petra - Jordan:

6. Mt Sinai - Sinai Penisula - Egypt:

7. Egyptian boy working on brass motif:
8. An Egyptian pot making business

9 & 10. Police action in the square outside my Hostel (There's a line of policemen on every corner):

The last couple of pictures were taken today. It seems that the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic Political/Religous group that isn't recognized by the current party in power (In fact I've been told it's illegal in Egypt to be a member) is staging a protest some time today (I might have missed it with all this time I've been spending at the internet cafe) and that is the reason for the police presence. Should be interesting to see how this develops.

Otherwise it looks like I might be off to Germany pretty soon. Thinking of cycling around there for a while, and depending on how sucessful that is, extending that to the rest of Europe. I'm also interested in checking out India + China + Nepal at some point, and it's been a tough decision deciding between the two. The fact that Germany is closer has pretty much been the tie breaker, as I'm trying to minimize any large hops to extend my travel time. Have contacted the travel agency regarding the cancellation of my return tickets, and I'll see how that goes (I'm also currently in Cairo - Egypt and spent some time in Jordan as well).

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