Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wabbit Hunting

Today started with a Frostychino and Choclate Croissant at Omonia Sq. Now as a rule I usually avoid milk and milk based products but at the promise of a Coffee thickshake I made an exception here. A coffee place by the name of Petit Coffee provided me with a coffee thickshake topped with whipped cream and caramel along with a criossant sprinkled with and filled with warm chocklate. Yummy (Though the criossant was a bit rich for my taste).

While drinking my Frostychino I was continually approached by pidgeons, so close I could just reach out a grab them. Now I have better sense than to start grabbing pidgeons in the middle of a crowded square with an audience (and police officers) looking on, so I thought on a better way to handle this situation. Elicting serial-killer-like powers of deduction I came upon the perfect place to corner and entrap my prey, the park from yesterday! I then finished my drink and headed off to the park poste-haste.

Now every good game needs some rules and here are the ones I came up with on the way there:
1. No baiting the pidgeons. I would have to capture the pidgeon without distracting it with food.
2. I couldn't be seen trying to catch the pidgeon. If seen I would need to start again from the entrance to the park.
3. Once the bird was captured I would need to hold it for 5 seconds for it to be a win.

And they say computer games aren't murder simulators.
After around 15 minutes of waiting, being interupted by joggers and bike riders and it was finally me, and a single pidgeon in a fairly secluded area of the park. Showdown music (Old western style) started playing in my head as I closed in on the bird.

Now after all of this the conclusion to the story is going to be a bit anti-climatic, but in the end I decided on not grabbing the bird. When I finally got the pidgeon alone and had the oppurtunity to capture it I decided that it would be best to leave the pidgeon alone, as it was much happier off unmolested (I also had qualms about being able to grab it without injuring it). There we go, I ruined a perfectly good story with an unsatisfactory ending. I then spent the remainder of my day in the park enjoying the good weather.

Now it's coming on 6pm and it's time for me to head off to the Airport again. So when you hear from me again I'll probably be in Israel.

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