Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Stop - Singapore

After a 6-7 hour flight I've arrived at my first stop, Singapore. My impressions of the place are fairly favourable. Apart from the distinct smell of manure when entering the airport (I'm assuming that's what it was) the place if freaking huge. There are a large number of shops and stores which are spread across multiple levels. The airport is actually so big that they split it into three seperate terminals which you move between via a network of mono-rail-ish trains. I initially landed in a different terminal than the one I'll be leaving so I got to enjoy a train ride as well. As I speak I'm currently posting this from the Gold Class Lounge at Terminal 3 of the Singapore Airport.

The Gold Class Lounge is nice. Free food, free tea, free internet and nice comfy chairs. All pretty posh. I actually got in here thanks to a cool German guy named Clouse who had a spare "guest" spot on his pass into the Gold Class Lounge which he used to sneak me in. Looks like I'm not going to be using the airport hotel after all (Saved around $64 AUD in the process). Plan is to get some reading done so I can start to discard some of the hefty books I've chosen to bring along on my trip (Most of my pack weight is books really), and basically kill time until my next flight (Around 4-5 hours).

Got to test out my digital camera as well and have included a couple of pictures of the lounge below.

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