Friday, October 3, 2008

Returning soon

It´s all confirmed now. I´ve booked flights and I fly out of Heathrow airport on the 14th of October and should at this stage, arrive back in Adelaide around lunch time on the 16th.

I´m currently around 37Km away from Santiago de Compostella though, so to drag out this trip until my actual flight I´m going to continue walking on past Santiago towards Finisterra on the Spanish coast. As long as I time things right I should arrive in Finisterra 2 days before my flight, have a day to look around the city, take a bus back to Santiago the next day after staying the night, have a day to relax in Santiago and then catch my plane the next day. This should also all be on the cheap using the refugios along the way (I hopefully wont have to restort to any youth hostels).

After arriving in the UK I will be staying with a friend for a day or two in Liverpool and catching a bus to London. After having a quick look around London city I´ll catch a train to the Heathrow airport where I will be taking my flight back to Australia. This is only this convulted as it is as the ticket home would be ridiculously expensive otherwise.

I have to say I haven´t been a very good tourist during my travels either. I will actually be bringing less back with me than I left with in the first place. No souvenirs, no t-shirts or the like. The large backpack I started with is gone, and all I have left now is the small day pack that was attached to front of it. All my things including my clothes now fit into a bag only slightly bigger than the one I took to my first day of kindergarten. One thing I will be bringing back though will be a small fluffy pink toy bunny rabbit which I have been carrying around on my walking stick for the last 100 odd kilometers. I´ve named him the ¨Magic bunny of free stuff¨, as since I´ve been carrying him people have been assuming I´m some poor hippy (Possibly partly due to my dress as well) and have been offering me money and food. My walking stick is now pretty colourful as well, as I´ve been covering it in pieces of string and shoelaces that I´ve found abandoned on the Camino (Mostly red and blue). Because of that it now looks more like something you would expect a witch doctor to be carrying rather than a pilgrim (Especially with the pink rabbit strapped to the top).

Anyway, I should see you all soon. Until next time then.

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Rhiannon said...

Omg yay! I can't wait to see you. You crazy world travelling beast you.