Friday, September 26, 2008

The Story of the Mes

I used to think I was one me, but over time I´ve found I´m many Mes.

There´s a serious Me and a joyful Me. An emotive Me and an analytical Me. A Me that is detatched from everything and a Me that loves to get as close to life and pain as possible. Many, many Mes make up me, in all flavours and colours.

I have many Mes, but none of them are actually me. They are only bridges which the real me uses to access the outside world. The true me is something no one could ever know. The part that watches my Mes play. Spend enough time with my Mes though and you may get to know something about me.

Some people like certain Mes, and some people others. In the past I used to try to control my Mes, but now I just let whichever Me that chooses to surface to play in the world. My Mes are much happier with this situation and so am I.

You might think that having so many Mes would make life more difficult, but the opposite is the case. Each Me has it´s own strengths and weaknesses, and each has it´s own unique contribution to offer. Some times when people meet my quiet Me after seeing my talkative me they think that I´m sad or angry. They don´t seem to understand unless I explain it to them: Nothing is wrong, I´m just being Me.

As a closing note before I go, and before someone else takes over which would think the following a bit wishy washy, I want to say: ¨I love Me, each and every one of them¨.

Journey Update:
Currently in Pomferadda (Not sure if I spelt that correctly, but what the hey).


uriah said...

It's good to see everything's going okay, except for the whole schizophrenia thing that is.

I get what you mean.

Though it makes you sound insane. :-)

Sam said...

Multiple Personalities can be fun, altho when they become self-aware it's probably not a good thing. When the personalities talk to each other behind the backs of your OTHER personalities, then that becomes a bigger problem.

I too get what you mean - it's another step in working out one's identity; but Uriah takes the cake with 'Though it makes you sound insane. :-)'

Stay safe man :D