Saturday, October 4, 2008

What to do?

This I guess is a good example of one of the conondrums I´ve been throw while travelling. A puzzle involving other human beings with a somewhat obvious straightforward solution, but not one that I would prefer to take if possible.

While travelling I stopped for a night in an awesome Albergue (Pilgrim´s hostel)in a small town called Fonfria. There I met, and sort of struck up a repore with the youngish guy running the place (Young as in 30ish). Near the end of my stay there he offered me his place while in Santiago de Compostella (He lives there, and recently finished work at the Albergue).

Now this doesn´t seem so bad, however, I believe that I may have inadvertantly communicated some sort of interest in him that isn´t purely friendly via eye contact or similar. After leaving the Albergue I also ran into him while leaving town where he insisted that I call him once I get to Santiago and I have since also received a follow up email from him asking me to come around to his place when I arrive. As I didn´t really talk with him too much while I was there this is also quite a lot for someone I just met.

So, given this situation I have a few different options:
1. Proceed innocently assuming that there is nothing untoward in his offer and his intentions are purely friendly.
2. Ignore his email and not call him once I arrive to Santiago.
3. Tell him that I have other plans and can not meet up with him.
4. Tell him I have other plans, but offer to meet up with him in Santiago but not stay at his house.
5. Be straight forward with him, explaining my own sexual orientation and ask him whether he still wants to meet up with me considering I like girls and stuff.
6. Don´t think about things so damn much and just follow option 1.

You may think I´m also reading too much into things as well, and maybe I am. There is more to the situtation than I´ve bothered explaining though, including a bunch non-verbal communication that I was mindlessly throwing around, as well they way he was acting near the end of my stay (Which was decidingly non-casual). The blame really comes down to me in the end, digging this hole myself through being too friendly both verbally and non-verbally (I think I must confuse the hell out of people sometimes with the way I act and react).

Considering things I believe only option 1 or 4 are the only acceptable options, and hey, I could be completely misreading things. Whatever happens I would prefer to confront and deal with the situation rather than avoiding it (In fact, I would actually prefer to avoid the situation, however on a concious level I´d prefer to see what I can learn from it).

So I think I´ll end up contacting him in the end and see what happens. And at the end of the day isn´t the most important question, ¨Do I think I can take him if he starts to get handsy?¨, and the answer is ¨Yes. Yes I think I can¨.

The last paragraph isn´t something that I´m really too concerned about. Just seemed like a fairly amusing way to finish this post, as well as reveal my secret Plan B (Code named ¨Operation: Leg it!¨) in case things do go pear shaped (e.g. He happens to have a rather rather comprehensive axe and machette collection displayed in his living room. You know, more sharp objects than is completely reasonable for a single human being to own and store in one place).

I´m also the type of person that usually like to have some sort of exit plan, and to have all my eventualities covered in most situations, no matter how unlikely they are (This might also be the time to mention that I am prepared in case of a nuclear holocaust. So if you need a fallout bunker built on short notice using normal household materials, you know who to call).

Until next time. Peace and out.

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uriah said...

You left out option 7.

7. Give some man love in return for sleeping arangements. A la prison.