Friday, October 17, 2008


Well apparently we're shaping out to be the next China. With our own "Great Firewall" in the works, created with the intent of "protecting the children" from the nasties on the internet, we will soon be reading only what the goverment decides is acceptable for us to read.

Doesn't sound like good news, and is another stupid idea put into implementation from our new friend Kevin Rudd, funded by our tax money of course. I'm no hippy, hear. But every idea that he has carried through on so far seems to be nanny state protectionist bullshit aimed at protecting people from themselves by reducing their individual freedoms.

A few that I have been privy to:
- His new FuelWatch scheme  and It's effect
- His new tax on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks to try and combat binge drinking
- Attempted 2am lockout for bars in Vic (Though this may have been just the state goverment)
- A similar scheme to FuelWatch, only monitoring grocery prices
- A forced rollout of high speed broadband using our tax money yet again, and which will make our current broadband subscription more expensive

For more reading on this topic, check out:
[Link] Slashdot: Nation-Wide Internet Censorship Proposed for Australia

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